Memorial Service for our founder, Rebecca Shourie

On Thurs­day, 7 April 2022, we paid tribute to our founder, our friend and teacher, our mother, Rebecca Shourie.  Many people came from across India and from over­seas.  Rebecca surely touched the hearts and lives of many people in her time on this earth.  She lived with passion and grace and yet held on to this life lightly, holding on to only God’s love with a tight grip.

Thank you to all our family, friends, stu­dents, and Nagod cit­i­zenry for attend­ing our tribute to Bade Ma’am both in person and vir­tu­ally and remotely (via the internet).

May we all live for God’s love and peace with each other, to create a solid com­mu­nity, a great town and country, full of cit­i­zens of integrity and love, peace and kindness.

Love and serve one another.