Ultimate! The Game of Sportsmanship and Equity

An excit­ing new sport has been intro­duced to our area by Ron sir.

Ultimate Frisbee!

He is a cer­ti­fied trainer with UPAI (Ulti­mate Players Asso­ci­a­tion of India) and is cre­at­ing several teams in our area.  Each team is com­prised of 12 players, but only 7 are on the field at one time.  And, impor­tantly, this is a “mixed” sport, which means that girls and boys are on the field at the same time in a ratio of either 4:3 or 3:4.

The sport of Ulti­mate Frisbee focuses greatly on what is called “The Spirit of the Game”, which means that sports­man­ship, self-control, fair play, encour­ag­ing atti­tude, and joy are very impor­tant factors.  Also, there are no ref­er­ees in this sport, so each player must know all the rules in order to play the game and be self-refer­ring.  In fact, each team must have 2 coaches (one male and one female), one of whom is mainly involved in strat­egy and the other is the “Spirit Coach” which means he/she keeps the team focused on sports­man­ship and kindness.

Highly com­pet­i­tive play is encour­aged, but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players (on the same or even oppos­ing side).

Anyone who is inter­ested in playing this sport com­pet­i­tively, please contact Ron sir or any of the current team members.  We have offi­cial matches coming up with the pro team in Jabalpur, and even beyond that into other states in India.