Big News! India Finally Has More Females than Males (Our Insights)

One of the most impor­tant struc­tural aspects of the pop­u­la­tion of any country is the rel­a­tive number of males and females who compose it.  Accord­ing to the Fish­er’s Prin­ci­pal, gender ratio is known as “the pro­por­tion of females rel­a­tive to one thou­sand males in a pop­u­la­tion”.  In India, we are now seeing, for the first time in the pre­vi­ous several scener­ies, the gender ratio has tipped in favor of females.  This is big news!  For every 1,000 males in India today, our country now has 1,020 females accord­ing to the National Family Health Survey‑5.

In ancient times, the birth rate of women was quite equal to that of men because the con­di­tions for women then was more favor­able.  The unfa­vor­able con­di­tions for women began in the Mughal Empire and lasted