Ultimate!  The Game of Sportsmanship and Equity

Ultimate! The Game of Sportsmanship and Equity

An excit­ing new sport has been intro­duced to our area by Ron sir.

Ultimate Frisbee!

He is a cer­ti­fied trainer with UPAI (Ulti­mate Players Asso­ci­a­tion of India) and is cre­at­ing several teams in our area.  Each team is com­prised of 12 players, but only 7 are on the field at one time.  And, impor­tantly, this is a “mixed” sport, which means that girls and boys are on the field at the same time in a ratio of either 4:3 or 3:4.

The sport of Ulti­mate Frisbee focuses greatly on what is called “The Spirit of the Game”, which means that sports­man­ship, self-control, fair play, encour­ag­ing atti­tude, and joy are very impor­tant factors.  Also, there are no ref­er­ees in this sport, so each player must know all the rules in order to play the game and be self-refer­ring.  In fact, each team must have 2 coaches (one male and one female), one of whom is mainly involved in strat­egy and the other is the “Spirit Coach” which means he/she keeps the team focused on sports­man­ship and kindness.

Highly com­pet­i­tive play is encour­aged, but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players (on the same or even oppos­ing side).

Anyone who is inter­ested in playing this sport com­pet­i­tively, please contact Ron sir or any of the current team members.  We have offi­cial matches coming up with the pro team in Jabalpur, and even beyond that into other states in India.

A Teacher’s Day Tribute:  An Homage to Our Teachers.  Our Guiding Lights.

A Teacher’s Day Tribute: An Homage to Our Teachers. Our Guiding Lights.

Teacher's Day 2022Teachers.  They the light of the world.

A beacon in the dark, and the hope that gives us strength to survive.  Teachers add value to our character and make us the ideal citizens to make a better country.  Teachers are the building blocks of our lives.  They are the ones who motivate the students to do better in every way.  Teachers are the builders of a better future.

The bond between a teacher and student is like a potter and the clay.  Teach­ers shape the life of the student by teach­ing them about broth­er­hood, kind­ness, and sim­plic­ity.   And stu­dents are the clay, who even­tu­ally become a vessel through the artis­tic and caring hands of the potter.

In whose memory is Teacher’s Day cel­e­brated, and why?  On the aus­pi­cious occa­sion of Dr. Rad­hakr­ish­nan’s birth­day, his stu­dents requested him to allow them to cel­e­brate his birth­day, but in reply Dr. Rad­hakr­ish­nan said that “The cel­e­bra­tion should not only be for me; I would feel proud if it would be a cel­e­bra­tion for all the teachers”.

Teacher’s Day was first celebrated in India on 5 September, 1962.

Once, Pt. Jawa­har­lal Nehru said that he has served his country in many capac­i­ties, so he is con­sid­ered as a great teacher.

How do we cel­e­brate Teacher’s Day at our school?  This day is one of the most mem­o­rable in the rela­tion­ship between teacher and student.  On this special occa­sion, we give choco­lates, gifts, cards, and espe­cially respect to our teach­ers.  We also orga­nize a party ded­i­cated to teach­ers.  That year’s Class 12 does all the plan­ning.  First, they go into every class and intro­duce their juniors to that year’s planned party, and they ask for funds from each student to help pay for the party.

Tra­di­tion­ally, the stu­dents orga­nize games for the teach­ers to play, and there is dancing, and some great food — all orga­nized by the Class 12 stu­dents.  It is a party for the stu­dents as well as the teach­ers because of all the mem­o­ries that are being created and shared from years of inter­ac­tions.  At the end of the party, the stu­dents give a “Thank You” speech, showing appre­ci­a­tion to the teach­ers for putting in years of effort into these balls of clay that will soon go off into the larger world.

Teachers are a precious gift who God has given to students.  Their impact on our lives goes beyond cost.

We, the stu­dents of our school, want to thank our teach­ers for always guiding us and showing us the right path for our life.   You always try your best, even in difficult

times and sit­u­a­tions, and you have high hopes for us.  We are blessed to have you in our lives, and we are grate­ful for you sharing your knowl­edge and life-wisdom and expe­ri­ence with us.  We will forever remem­ber our teach­ers because of the immen­sity of their con­tri­bu­tion to our life.

In Sanskrit, there is an auspicious mantra dedicated to teachers:  “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Dev Maheshwara; Guru Sakshat, Param Brahma, Jasmai Shri, Gurney Mamah.”

Guru is truly rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.  Parambrahma means eternal lord whose world is never being destroyed, that lord who had no day or night.  He creates, sus­tains knowl­edge, and destroys the weeds of ignorance.

The guru (the teacher) guides us and makes efforts to push us to the road of success.  We salute all of you great teachers.

Live Chat with Ukraine

Live Chat with Ukraine

We had the oppor­tu­nity to have an hour-long live video chat with a man (a friend of Ron sir) who is on the front lines in Ukraine, helping inno­cent civil­ians by bring­ing them food and offer­ing to take them to safety in shel­ters far from the danger of war zone.

This is a great way to educate our youth, by giving them these sorts of rare oppor­tu­ni­ties to under­stand other cul­tures, other con­cepts, world history, current events, applic­a­ble English lan­guage, and to sort through it all in order to for­mu­late their own opin­ions and world-views.

We thank Brad for taking the time to give our stu­dents a rare look into the life of someone who has decided to risk his own life in order to help others.

And, we thank our stu­dents for for­mu­lat­ing such poignant and rel­e­vant ques­tions.  The ques­tions drove right to the heart of the matter:

  • Why are you risking your life in order to help strangers in a dif­fer­ent country?
  • What brings you ful­fill­ment?  Doesn’t mate­r­ial pos­ses­sions and living a nice life give you ful­fill­ment?  Does helping others bring you fulfillment?
  • Why are you helping people when their own gov­ern­ment and their own people aren’t doing what you are doing?
  • Will this war remain as is, or will it gain momen­tum and become a major world war?
  • Are people there afraid of you?  Do they trust you?  How do you gain their trust?

It was a very unique and edu­ca­tional oppor­tu­nity for our stu­dents, and for Brad in Ukraine as well.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

A new school year has begun.  Let’s make it a great!  We are family.  Let’s treat each other, and our facil­ity, as we would our own fam­i­lies.  Respect and honor is what India is known for, and we will con­tinue in that tra­di­tion this year, and have lots of fun.

Memorial Service for our founder, Rebecca Shourie

Memorial Service for our founder, Rebecca Shourie

On Thurs­day, 7 April 2022, we paid tribute to our founder, our friend and teacher, our mother, Rebecca Shourie.  Many people came from across India and from over­seas.  Rebecca surely touched the hearts and lives of many people in her time on this earth.  She lived with passion and grace and yet held on to this life lightly, holding on to only God’s love with a tight grip.

Thank you to all our family, friends, stu­dents, and Nagod cit­i­zenry for attend­ing our tribute to Bade Ma’am both in person and vir­tu­ally and remotely (via the internet).

May we all live for God’s love and peace with each other, to create a solid com­mu­nity, a great town and country, full of cit­i­zens of integrity and love, peace and kindness.

Love and serve one another.